Hello There, it is with great joy that we announce that Adonx Pre-Sale has started. Today we will explain how to participate in the Adonx Pre Sale with an easy step-by-step guide.


Total Supply 21,000,000
Name & Symbol ADONX
Protocol ERC20
Platform Ethereum



55.00 % Token Sale
10.00 % Uniswap liquidity pool
20.00 % Team & Operations
05.00 % Bounties & Airdrops
10.00 % Reserve Fund


PRE 550,000 .0002 -50%
Stage — I 9,000,000 .0003 -25%
Stage — II 2,000,000 .0004 0%


The sale schedule will be…

Q. With account alias can i send btc from another exchange to adonx platform or from a current btc wallet?

A. Account alias resolves your crypto wallet address on our platfrom through URL. You can simply use the resolved actual crypto wallet address to receive payments on adonx platform.
If you want to directly use the adonx alias in another excahnge/wallet app, they must support it by implementing our alias resolution service through adonx developer api.
You must contact exchange/wallet app provider on this before directly using Adonx alias.

Q. How simple is the account alias and vanity address to…


The Adonx.One vision is to provide and enabling the means for the new free digital economy to rise through the integration on the daily life reality of consumer

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