Adonx Questions and Answers

Q. With account alias can i send btc from another exchange to adonx platform or from a current btc wallet?

A. Account alias resolves your crypto wallet address on our platfrom through URL. You can simply use the resolved actual crypto wallet address to receive payments on adonx platform.
If you want to directly use the adonx alias in another excahnge/wallet app, they must support it by implementing our alias resolution service through adonx developer api.
You must contact exchange/wallet app provider on this before directly using Adonx alias.

Q. How simple is the account alias and vanity address to exchange money with my friends through

A. Account Alias #
Account alias simply resloves your wallet address of specific crypto on adonx platform, Its as easy as visiting a URL in browser or scanning a QR code on mobile apps. There are types of protection associated with crypto wallet address resolving with alias.

Q. Is there any premium service for account alias?

A. No, Its absolutely free with every account, for now you can create at least one alias name for your account,
In near future we may allow up to 3 aliases per account depending on the account type.

Q. How much useful is atomic swap for project that are currently changing Ethereum blockchain to Binance Smart Chain due to the fees?

A. Atomic swap is designed in general way to serve its propose, its not been designed to solve specific problem of a specific blockchain in specific time. In our opinion, The problems exist in any technology either they are temporary in most cases or unsolvable in exceptionally rare cases, but there will be a solution for every problem in technology.
Ethereum gas problem in our opinion is because of very high volume of transactions load on its network, this is an addressable and temporary, we believe Team Ethereum would defiantly provide a solution to solve this very soon.

Q. What blockchain is used on Adonx platform to perform the escrow process?

A. At the point of time escrow services are designed in centralized way, combining crypto assets from different blockchains & protocols is a very tedious & complex task,
Yet we have been working on it to get a right solution to give great number of crypto asset combinations in escrow services through DEX platform.

Q. Can I use escrow to exchange a coin or token not currently trade-able?

A. It all depends on the community/dev of the particular coin/token. They can request us to make pair of their coin/tokens, we will be happy to provide so, depending on feasibility.

Q. ADONX Token is only on Ethereum or also is going to allow a bridge with binance smart chain?

A. At the point of time bridging is not planned, But we have been keeping all such requests in our priority list of features to be implemented,
In feature based on users demand we may implement cross chain swaps/transactions, not only between Binance but also other famous blockchains like Tron & Waves.

Q. Will Adonx platform deliver desktop wallets, and exchange Services?

A. Yes, Adonx platform will be available on web, desktop ( Mac/Windows/Linux ) & mobile (android/iOS) platforms. All services on web app will also available on desktop & mobile apps.

Q. What is the currently progress of the project?

A. We could successfully complete major part of the platform i.e, most of the apis part, back end services, deployment automation and a major portion of Web application,
A detailed road map will be updated in white paper & Adonx website.

Q. Will Adonx platform have a payment gateway, how useful it will be with vanity address and account alias?

A. Yes, Once the entire platform with currently planned features are live, we will be releasing payment gateway services for B2B, B2C consumers.
aliases & vanity addresses provide great comfort to identify businesses and consumers easily.

Q. What the progress of payments gateway and mobile wallets?

A. Mobile wallets are in UI/UX stage, they will be rolled out eventually according to the plan.
Payment Gateway services will only be available once currently planned features are rolled out completely.

Q. Will Adonx team tokens and reserve tokens locked, and how long?

A. Yes, Reserve & Team tokens will be locked in smart contract at least for 2 years, Once sale completed & unsold tokens burn process is over.

Q. Where do you see Adonx platform in one year from now?

A. On Tech side # We have been planning to implement all feature currently in our list + desktop & mobile wallets with full set of implemented features.
On business side # To be one of the exchanges with great features by attracting as many consumers as possible.

Q. What's the main goal with platform?

A. To provide premium quality services at low fee or even for free where ever possible, and encourage majority of the projects and users to avail benefits of blockchain technology.

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